01. Where can I [obtain] information about registering for regular courses?
02. Some medicinal herbs that were previously [obtainable] at health stores are now available only with a doctor's prescription.
03. I bought this CD at a store a few years ago, but now it is completely [unobtainable], and quite valuable.
04. He [obtained] a final mark of just over 80%.
05. Some people seem to think that the way to [obtain] a perfect body is through the use of drugs and plastic surgery.
06. He was arrested by police in the act of trying to [obtain] a false passport.
07. Vitamins are best [obtained] through fresh fruit and vegetables, rather than by taking pills.
08. There is an Italian proverb which states that by asking for the impossible, you [obtain] the best possible.
09. The Buddha reminds us that he who envies others does not [obtain] peace of mind.
10. Sir William Bragg once remarked that the important thing in science is not so much to [obtain] new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.
11. A person who is lost in the woods, and starving can [obtain] nourishment by chewing on his shoes; leather has enough nutritional value to keep a person alive for a short time.
12. Human beings [obtain] energy by eating and breathing.
13. She [obtained] her doctorate after three years of graduate study.
14. The Spanish explorers who visited the island of Puerto Rico in the 1500s were mainly interested in [obtaining] gold.
15. In Costa Rica, [obtaining] an education has allowed many of those in the working class to move into the middle class.
16. Brunei is a tiny Islamic country where alcohol is virtually [unobtainable].
17. Nowadays, you can study for school, or even [obtain] a degree using the Internet.
18. Estimates of the number of child laborers are difficult to [obtain] because governments are not keen to measure a phenomenon which is not supposed to exist.
19. The book is [unobtainable] because it is out of print, and any copies that do exist are in the hands of collectors.
20. As soon as my son [obtains] his learner's license, we will enroll him in driving school.
21. Some sociologists suggest that people seek others who will satisfy their needs to help them [obtain] goals.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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